About Me

Sam Angello

Sam Angello is a fun-loving carefree guy who likes cool technology, magic tricks, cooking and awesome new products. On this channel you will see a little of everything from cooking videos, magic tricks, product review videos, how to and review videos on different software’s like Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Adobe Muse and much more. Sam also runs an event production company and we’ll do some in-depth tutorials on lighting, sound, video and photo equipment. His many years in this industry as well as graduating at the top of his class at Full Sail University and being awarded the honor of being valedictorian This experience and knowledge provides the solid foundation to talk about these topics with you. Sam also will do some daily blogs taking you into his life and family. Let me assure you those will be some crazy videos. So if you’re into seeing this kind of stuff I recommend you subscribe to this channel.