Why Is Everybody Mean To Each Other

Today is a different type of video I want to talk about Why peopleTreat each other so meanlyNowadays. why do peopleI Think it’s okay to take advantageI Of each other. We as a society Need to start treating people with respect And kindness. For the good Our futureIn our children’s future

Mini Smart Outlet – Review & Tutorial

The Mini Smart Outlet Allows you To set schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime
You can control the smart plug over Wi-Fi ThroughThe remote app on your cell phone. The smart socket also Says a can work with Alexa and Google Home (Although at the time of this review We have not Tried Using The Outlet with either of those systems Yet)

By the Smart plug  http://amzn.to/2wATVOT

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