How To Create Static Lower Thirds – BlackMagic Design ATME Video Switcher

How to create static lower thirdsFor You’re BlackMagic Design ATME Video switcher.We also clarify Some of theThe Big questions From our video On animated lower thirds. From Word file type We use Which is PNG + Alpha And explain to youHow to check Your video switcherTo make sure it can except Image sequences.

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List of equipment in case
ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel –
ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K –
SmartView HD –
HyperDeck Studio –

BlackMagic Design Micro Converters – Converting From SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI

Today we take a look at the BlackMagic Design Micro Converters And howIt can help you With your Productions And make Converting From SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI EasyAnd hassle free These convertersMake it so you can easily Convert your signal SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI. Making it easy To send signal From your camera to your switcher Or From your switcher to monitors