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YouTube Monetization changes – My Thoughts

My thoughts On YouTube’s Decision To require Channels To have 1000 subscribers And 4000 watch hours To be monetized. I’ve been getting a lot of questions Asking My opinion on The changes That YouTube is implementing. Specifically YouTube’s changes Now requiring channels To have 1000 subscribers And 4000 watch Hours in a 12 month period of time. I personally feel That these changes Are good for the platform And the crater community. Let me knowYour opinionsIn the comment section Below And please remember To be Polite In the comment section It’s a conversation.

Clarifying animated lower thirds – Blackmagic design ATEM video switcher – Two

Clarifying animated lower thirds – Black magic design ATEM video switcher – Two in today’s video I go over in clarify the process for creating animated lower thirds for your blackmagic design ATEM video switcher. And show you how to figure out if your model switcher is able to support playing the image sequence file you need for animated a lower thirds. I also talk about some other workarounds you can use if your video switcher does not support media pool clips.

Setting up animated lower thirds:

Elgato Cam Link Review & Tutorial

Today we Review Elgato Cam Link I also show you the Setup Process For Elgato Cam Link. The Elgato Cam Link Is In my opinion One of the easiest & simplest ways I have found To hook your camera Or alive switcher To your computer. It’s definitely a must-have If youAre doing any type of live streaming. The Elgato Cam Link Is perfect For The twitch gamer, The Beauty vlogger That streams live on YouTube. Or the tech reviewer That wants to interact more What’s their community on Facebook live. The thing i love Most About Elgato Cam Link It allows me To take my camera And turn it in To a web camera That I can use for streaming. The Elgato Cam Link Is HDMI to USB converter
That allows you to connect A video camera Or DSLR Directly to your computer For video capture Or streaming

BUY Elgato Cam Link:

X S Scuba Diving Weights Bag – Review

This is my favorite Scuba diving Weight bag. It’s very well constructed And heavy duty. Which Is perfect Since I do a lot of traveling Two different diving locations.. Here are some of the Features From the Manufacturers website. If you’re interestedIn purchasing the bag Click here:

A Bag Developed Specifically for Diving Weights
Designed to Carry Up to 60 lbs. of Lead
Holds the Largest Weight-Integrated BC Pockets
Tough PVC-Reinforced Bottom
Easy Access, U-Shaped, #10 Zipper Opening
Padded carry handle with velcro closure

MOKCAO POWER + (Review & Set-up with Amazon Echo Dot)

In today’s review we look at the Mokcao Power + cordless speaker with built in battery for the Amazon Echo Dot. This portable speaker system really helps enhance your Amazon Echo Dot listening experience. It truly makes your Amazon Echo Dot portable with built in battery inside the of Mokcao Power+ cordless speaker system.

For more information on the Mokcao Power+ cordless system:

How To Set Up Hot Keys – Elgato Stream Deck On Mac

Today I want to talk about my new favorite product of 2018 and that is
Elgato Stream Deck. This stream deck is a absolute powerhouse and saves you a ridiculous amount of time when it comes to working inside of software, live streaming or just working on the Internet. The Elgato Stream Deck has great flexibility to be able to perform different task quickly and effectively. This stream deck is amazing!
The Elgato Stream Deck allows me to access my tools for editing photos and videos. These hot keys are literally at the tip on my fingers eliminating the need for hot keys. The hot keys can be used to launch a website or piece of software with a click of a button. Plus when I’m live streaming I can switch between cameras and add lower thirds. I definitely recommend you go check out Elgato Stream Deck.

Link to buy:

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