How to Address You’re DMX Lighting fixtures – DMX Dip app

How to Address You’re DMX Lighting fixtures – DMX Dip app
In today’s video We will talk about setting up and dressing You’re DMX Lighting fixtures And usingThe DMX Dip app.We will be going over programming DMX Lighting fixtures And working with DMX dip switchesAnd understanding DMX DIP switch math Understanding DMX DIP switch values

Briolata (Italian sausage bread) – Recipe

Briolata (Italian sausage bread) – Recipe

1 pound of Italian sausage
2 cups Of mozzarella cheese
1 container of dough

Recipe instructions
Start off By cookingThe sausage in a frying pan And rendering out some of the Fat. ThenFlowerA board And roll The dough out Make sure the dough is cold So it doesn’t stick to itself. Next Spread the sausage And cheeseThe dough Leaving I’ll little Space around The edge Leslie roll the doughAnd talkThe ends under.Bake in the oven at 350┬░For 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown Depending on your oven

Living With Dyslexia – Part One

Today I’m want to talk with you guys About my struggles In school In life Living with Dyslexia. how I did not let my learning disability Defined As a person. I also want to talk to you About howI overcame The constant Bullying from teachers students Because of my Dyslexia
Please feel free To share this video In my story You never know Who it may help. Awesome part two Will be coming soon

A Very Busy Day

Today I take you with me to two of our jobs first A special effects as play For Akron University’s football team the Akron zip.Then I’m multi camera Live Shoot For the chagrin Documentary film Festival Award ceremony.

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