Mini Smart Outlet – Review & Tutorial

The Mini Smart Outlet Allows you To set schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime
You can control the smart plug over Wi-Fi ThroughThe remote app on your cell phone. The smart socket also Says a can work with Alexa and Google Home (Although at the time of this review We have not Tried Using The Outlet with either of those systems Yet)

By the Smart plug

How I Took Pictures Of The Solar Eclipse

Today I explained to you how I took pictures of the solar eclipse. We also talk about shooting in direct sunlight.

Here are the filters are used:
ZOMEI 77mm ND Fader Neutral Density Adjustable VARIABLE Filter (ND2 to ND400) Ultra Slim Optical Glass for Camera lenses
Tiffen filter Kit
Tiffen 77mm Neutral Density 0.9 Filter
Tiffen 77mm Neutral Density 0.6 Filter

Backing Up & Long – Term Archiving Video, Media, Photos & Projects – Best Ways To Protect Your Media

Today we talk about backing up and archiving your projects Photos, Videos And media.We go over our processThat we use At our studio And explain how we protect Everything from when we’re in the fieldThrough the editing Process And thenThe methods we use for a long-term storage and archiving. Today we also talk about some of the best ways to protect Your media .Also let me know in the commentsHow you protectYou’re Projects and media

Automatically Motion Track & Replace Objects Inside of Final Cut Pro X Using Track X by CoreMelt

How to Track & Replace Object Inside of Final Cut Pro X Using Track X by CoreMelt in this tutorialWe show you how to use CoreMelt Powerful plug-in Track X To Be able toTrack And replace A cell phone Computer screen Or sign Right inside of Final Cut Pro X. This allows youTo workQuicker and more efficientWithout having to use Multiple software’s To achieve The same results Track x Allows youTo automateThe tracking process Removing They need to manually keyframe. This cool plug-in Automatically tracks Objects right inside of Final Cut Pro X

Interested in buying the plug-in

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