How To set Up Animated Lower Thirds For Black Magic Design ATEM Video Switchers

This tutorial walks you through How To set Up Animated Lower Thirds For Black Magic Design ATEM Video Switchers this is part 2. In this video We use The ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K Video switcher. And show you How to Set Your switcher up To accomplish Animated lower thirds. This feature does not work this feature does not work on all models of switchers


Color Block Escape – Magic Trick

This amazing Magic trick Will amaze your audience members.Watch as the magician Has an audience member selected to the color blocks. And then places all the blocks Included the selected onesBack into the box.ImportsA Hardwood skewer through all of themThen magicallyThe magicianRemovesThe two selective colors From the boxLeaving the other blocks Still attached to the Wood skewer.This is a great magic trick For birthday Parties And events.

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Neat Video Noise Reduction Filter – Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Neat Video – Final Cut Pro X – Noise Reduction Filter Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to remove digital video noise and grain using the neat video noise reduction filter. This filter is a powerful tool that helps to remove Digital noise from your videos in postproduction. Making your videos look professional and clean. In this tutorial we use Final Cut Pro X in the neat video noise reduction plug-ins to accomplish removing our digital noise from the video.

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PS we added noise to the thumbnail image in Photoshop so it was visible when seeing it on YouTube. The noise in the image is not that bad.

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