MOKCAO POWER + (Review & Set-up with Amazon Echo Dot)

In today’s review we look at the Mokcao Power + cordless speaker with built in battery for the Amazon Echo Dot. This portable speaker system really helps enhance your Amazon Echo Dot listening experience. It truly makes your Amazon Echo Dot portable with built in battery inside the of Mokcao Power+ cordless speaker system.

For more information on the Mokcao Power+ cordless system:

How To Set Up Hot Keys – Elgato Stream Deck On Mac

Today I want to talk about my new favorite product of 2018 and that is
Elgato Stream Deck. This stream deck is a absolute powerhouse and saves you a ridiculous amount of time when it comes to working inside of software, live streaming or just working on the Internet. The Elgato Stream Deck has great flexibility to be able to perform different task quickly and effectively. This stream deck is amazing!
The Elgato Stream Deck allows me to access my tools for editing photos and videos. These hot keys are literally at the tip on my fingers eliminating the need for hot keys. The hot keys can be used to launch a website or piece of software with a click of a button. Plus when I’m live streaming I can switch between cameras and add lower thirds. I definitely recommend you go check out Elgato Stream Deck.

Link to buy:

Christmas Crack Saltine Cracker toffee

This saltine cracker toffee is one of my favorite holiday Christmas Desserts It’s nicknamed Christmas crack And this desert Is Addictive And if you don’t watch out you’ll eat the whole thing This is a very simple Coffee recipe And just takes A few minutes to make This is one of my favorite holiday desserts

Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcut For Final Cut Pro X

Today I show you how To set up Custom keyboard shortcuts For Final Cut Pro X So you can use Hot keysToo easily Switch Between Tools And menus. I also show youHow to use the custom command menuTo set up Custom shortcuts And Hot keys Along with I’ll work around For whenThere is no OptionTo create a Keyboard shortcutInside of Final CutPro ask. I demonstrateHow to useThe Apple Keyboard menu To trigger Hot key Inside of Final Cut Pro X

Hershey Sweet Lights Christmas Display – Hershey PA

Over the weekend me and my family went to Hershey Pennsylvania to attend the MDA medical conference about Pompeii disease and we also checked out some of but The cool Hershey amusement park attractions like Hershey sweet lights which is an amazing Drive through Christmas light display that your family is sure to love. I would definitely recommend checking out Hershey during the holiday season and I’ll love the beautiful Christmas lights displays at Hershey Sweet lights we really enjoyed staying at Hershey Lodge over the weekend as well.

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