How To Make Play Dough

How To Make Play Dough Quick and easy recipe that your kids and you will enjoy playing with four hours.

Play Dough Recipe
1 Cup of flour
1/2 Cup of salt
2 tsp Cream of tartar
1 Tablespoon of oil
1Cup of water

Combine all ingredients together in a pan.
Mix the ingredients on medium heat dental they all come together into a salad ball
Then let the mixture cool
Finally need the dough until smooth.
Place the dough in a zip lock bag to keep it from drying out.

PS here’s a link two very inexpensive hot plate you could use if you want to make it in your classroom with your kids.
PS remember is a hotplate so remember to be careful when using it.

ODDBALL – ROYAL – Houdini Ball Escape – Magic Trick

ODDBALL – ROYAL – Houdini Ball Escape – Magic Trick
Watch as the magician PlacesThe small red ball with the two yellow ropes into a clear box And then puts it into The spectators hand And ties the ropes Around their hand Then with one Quick tug The ropes Magically passThrough the spectator sand Right in front of their eyes Leaving The ball and clear box in their palm. This is a very visual and impressing magic trick.

Buy the trick:

How to Wrap A Cable Or Cord – Over Under Technique

How to wrap a mic cable
This video demonstrates the over under Technique And shows you how to properly wrap a microphone cable. so your cables last long and don’t break down . This is also good cable Maintenance practice Which keeps your replacement cost down. This method works great With XLR cables, Extension cords, Audio cables, DMX cables, Lighting cables, Speaker wires, And many Other types of chords and cables

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