Setup Tutorial for YouTube Alerts – OBS Studio – Streamlabs – Livestream Alerts

Let your subscribers know how much you appreciate them by setting up subscriber and super chat alerts on your live stream. These animated little graphics will show your fans your appreciation of their support for your channel. The alerts are very easy to set up and integrate into your live stream. In today’s tutorial I show you how to use Stream Lab to integrate the alerts into your live stream software. P.S. for demonstration purposes we are using OBS Studios.

YouTube Monetization changes – My Thoughts

My thoughts On YouTube’s Decision To require Channels To have 1000 subscribers And 4000 watch hours To be monetized. I’ve been getting a lot of questions Asking My opinion on The changes That YouTube is implementing. Specifically YouTube’s changes Now requiring channels To have 1000 subscribers And 4000 watch Hours in a 12 month period of time. I personally feel That these changes Are good for the platform And the crater community. Let me knowYour opinionsIn the comment section Below And please remember To be Polite In the comment section It’s a conversation.

Clarifying animated lower thirds – Blackmagic design ATEM video switcher – Two

Clarifying animated lower thirds – Black magic design ATEM video switcher – Two in today’s video I go over in clarify the process for creating animated lower thirds for your blackmagic design ATEM video switcher. And show you how to figure out if your model switcher is able to support playing the image sequence file you need for animated a lower thirds. I also talk about some other workarounds you can use if your video switcher does not support media pool clips.

Setting up animated lower thirds:

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